Top 10 Food Storage Mistakes

Top 10 Food Storage Mistakes You will Want to Avoid
Unprepared for Hurricane Katrina
Following is my Top 10 worst food storage mistakes:
Hurricane Crisis Katrina, dont let this be you!

  1. Ignoring the importance of healthy nutrition in your food storage
  2. Using sacks or other containers that are not air-tight
  3. Failing to keep food storage containers in a cool, dry place, basement, root cellar
  4. Failing to keep food storage containers out of the light
  5. Storing too many items that need to be refrigerated, use dehydrated or canned foods
  6. Failing to include enough of a variety of different food items.Beans for Protein,Rice for carbs
  7. Failing to maintain a  balance in the foods that are stored,Proteins, healthy fats ie Olive oil
  8. Failing to include  a small percentage of “fun” foods,Jello,Pudding, popcorn
  9. Failing to occasionally check expiration dates and rotate stored foods
  10. Storing all of the food in only one location. Diversify with food stash locations on the way to your bugout location, include purified water as well.
In a Crisis Situation here are the top 37 critical food storage items that Grocery stores will run out of first. You cant do with out these click here
Walmart Black Friday Shopping riot, Imagine if there were an actual food shortage.....and not just Christmas presents...

 Any advice list for people who are storing food absolutely has to include the temperature at which the food is stored (should be between 40 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit) and the importance of keeping containers out of the light, which can negatively influence vitamins, proteins and fats. I would also make sure that people understand that they need to focus on foods that do not require refrigeration, since a power outage would spoil those foods quickly, and that keeping some foods at a secondary bugout location is important, in case you have to bugout.
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How to End a Fight Fast Free DVD
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