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Even Batman knew this secret...

The key to carrying a bunch of "tactical gear" on you everyday - WITHOUT it weighing you down - is to carry things that have multiple purposes.

Our readers raved over the free tactical flashlight we told you about a couple days ago so I thought I'd share some of my other "belt gizmos".

For example...

My belt itself not only holds my IBW concealed handgun holster... it has a rappel hook on it for emergency airlift or lowering my family out of the window of a burning building..
Riggers Belt

I keep a small handcuff key hidden in the tag of my pants right behind my waistband... um... "just in case" I'm illegally detained or taken hostage in a home invasion.
Handcuff Key

And besides my tactical flashlight, I have a mini-multitool with knife, pliers, knife, can/bottle opener, wire-cutter, etc. clipped to my belt loop.
Click here to get this mini tool free...

(This mini-tool is another Survival Life "freebie" so I got a bunch and clipped them to my EDC bag, keychain, my son's book bag, and my wife's purse interior.  You can pick these mini-multitools up free here... )

And we're only talking about my BELT so far!

I actually carry a bunch of other tactical stuff on me every day and I'm about to film a video with a few other tricks.

Keep an eye out for that one, ok?

in freedom & survival,

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How to End a Fight Fast Free DVD
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