Best Self Defense Tools and How to Use Them

If you can't use a hand gun these are the Best Self Defense Weapons for Women: How To Use Them

1. By now you have probably heard of the tactical flashlight being used for self defense, by Illuminating a dark area with a flashlight you can prevent a hiding attacker from surprising you. Light is proven to deter criminal activity. Well lit homes and parking lots are way less inviting to a criminal, because they want to maintain the element of surprise. Dimly lit parking lots where you may have parked can easily conceal an attacker in a dark shadow. Simply shining your powerful tac light into this area can discourage a potential threat. Get one here for Free while supplies last , (just cover a small shipping amount).  

2. By blinding the eyes of an attacker you can effectively use this as an effective self-defense strategy. Now if he cant see he cant fight. A small concealed tac light can effectively blind an attacker at a safe distance. Aimed directly into the eyes causes temporary blindness in regular or the strobe light mode. Which allows you to dodge and strike vital nerve points to disable a mugger.

3. In public places where guns and knives are banned, flashlights aren't usually considered weapons. An unassuming flashlight can be easily utilized for self defense in most any situation. The element of surprise can be maintained when the small tac light is concealed in your hand, pocket or purse. Easily deployed for quick use as a gouging weapon to the face could save your life.

4. No special training needed to use a flashlight. No blackbelts necessary , learn some basic moves from the video above for self defense. Women even children can easily defend themselves with a small tac light, used with a tactical pen for stabbing the attackers knee caps. Do your wife and children have these yet?

5. A tactical flashlight can be used as an improvised weapon. Be creative with different grips i.e the ice pick grip for defending yourself. A quick blinding flash to the enemy's eyes followed by a stab to the head or neck can quickly deter most larger and stronger opponents.

6. Flashlights are discreet. Since they don't look like a weapon, and aren't considered dangerous, the tac light can be used effectively as a blinding tool, stabbing weapon, DNA evidence collector, punch hardener, pressure point pain inflict-er.

7. Flashlights are extremely versatile tools. Carry one with you at all times , they are very lightweight and wont slow you down, their multi function versatility makes for an excellent way to find things in the dark, defend yourself, signal for help, escape dark parking areas, fix a flat tire at night, you will use this most everyday in a camping outing, or any off grid activity. Get several to stock up for your 72 hour kits , one for the home, your car or truck, and one for each of your kids and wife to carry on them for protection.

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How to End a Fight Fast Free DVD
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