Top 10 Best Self Defense Weapons

Top 10 Most Effective In Home Self Defense Weapons

The number one most effective Weapon against a Home Intruder is your Mind. Out think your enemy and you have the psychological advantage. Control your fear , maintain your composure , especially if your family is involved. The last thing they need is you losing mental control and panicking in front of a home intruder

  A Home Invasion Strategy Plan is a good idea to have in place before a home invasion or emergency crisis situation ever happens. Practice drills with your family and come with a solution to every "What if" situation.
 These in home survival weapons are prioritized according to their range, According to Texas Law enforcement officer.
2. Good ole 12 gauge shotgun.   
 Buckshot shells have a wider blast radius, increasing your chances of hitting
your target, even if you aren't  such a good shot. The 12 gauge does have a kick to it so if you have never shot one of these bad boys it might be a good idea to take one out to the family farm for some target practice.
  -Advantage of the 12 gauge is its power to get the job done and larger blast radius.
 -Disadvantage is that due to the length it is somewhat cumbersome and bulky to carry around, or if you have to use it in a close quarters. You can create a sawed-off shotgun to make it better to handle in a crisis situation. 

Compared to a standard shotgun, the sawed-off shotgun has a shorter effective range, due to a lower muzzle velocity and wider spread of shot. Its reduced size makes it easier to maneuver and conceal. Powerful and compact, the weapon is especially suitable for use in small spaces. For example, military vehicle crews, and entry teams running through doorways  often use them.
To make shotguns less concealable, many jurisdictions have a minimum legal length for shotgun barrels      United States
Under the National Firearms Act (NFA), it is illegal for a private citizen to possess a sawed-off modern smokeless powder shotgun (a shotgun with a barrel length shorter than 18 inches (46 cm) or an overall length shorter than 26 inches (66 cm))

3. Handgun 

The 2nd Amendment states that we the people have the "Right To Bear Arms".
For Home Protection having a handgun in your home gives a strong sense of security against would be home invaders. You should conceal this weapon somewhere close to where you can have easy access to and yet having it hidden can ensure your chances of keeping it out of the hands of an intruder. Some suggest the best place to store a handgun at night is directly on your body, which is easily accessed during an alarming home Invasion at 3 am and you dont have a chance to "Look around" in the dark trying to remember where you stashed your weapon.

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   Do NOT hide a handgun in an obvious place i.e. your nightstand drawer, or other close by drawer. This is the first place a Home Invader looks!!! They are in a big hurry and normally and logically check the nearest and easiest places that a home owner may hide a weapon.

   Safety 1st!! Place a trigger lock on your weapon this is paramount if you have children or common young visitors to your house. Be smart and creative turn your box springs into a huge gun safe with
Handguns require some training before hand. It would be a wise investment to take a some training courses on gun safety and handling practice. Contact your local indoor shooting range for details.

4. Next in order of best range behind shotty's and handguns is the ever classic Bow and Arrow. Although not exactly practical inside the home, the Bow and Arrow can be extremely effective at staying off home invaders as they are approaching your house with bad intent. A home invading fence hopper for example can be deterred with a quick shot of an arrow from a bow or crossbow.

Another example is in the event a home invader is trying to break in your front door, making some noise you hear him and if you have a vantage point from an upper bedroom window or balcony that has a clear view of the front or back doors you can get a clear shot at him. In most cases an arrow may only would an attacker giving you precious time to call 911 and let the cops arrive.

A bow and Arrow  can be an effective weapon in your arsenal against home invasions if used properly. There are special tips you can get called Broadheads, these are razor edged tips and cause severe damage. Other specialized tips include speargun type tips with a hook so as to cause even more damage in the attempt of trying to remove the arrow.
If you are versed in Speargun use these make excellent medium range self defense weapons as well. Bows and Arrows can be effective at perimeter defense as well. Mainly because of the fact that they are SILENT . In the event of civil unrest, Martial Law, or Economic Collapse you will be sure to have a perimeter guard rotation. This means have a guard watching your front and rear entries and property lines during the night and rotate as many people as you have in your house for a given number of hours per shift. Related to the Bow of course is the Crossbow. A different animal entirely. The Crossbow has some advantages over the compound bow 1. You can hold the Crossbow in the cocked position with an arrow in it all day long. Point it like a rifle at the enemy without getting tired. 2.The Crossbow can be used by just about anyone, any size, fairly easily, pick one up for the first time and you will be able to shoot it right away, compound bows require quite a bit of practice, and developed skill. Maneuverability is much easier, you can carry a crossbow around ready to shoot. Just ask Daryl Dixon. 3. A crossbow can be utilized over any horizontal surface such as over a wall, rooftop or barricade. The crossbow depicted above is the Horton Storm RDX , which is new for 2015
get one here.

5. Mace, or Pepper Spray can deter a thief or home invader and has the next longest range. Pro's for Pepper Spray are good range and it is non-lethal. Make sure to aim for the face and eyes of the attacker this is the most vulnerable spot against them. Pepper Spray's active ingredient is Capsiacin, from different forms of peppers, Ghost Peppers (hottest in the world) ,Habenaro, Cayenne, Jalapeno .Make sure you get an extremely potent mixture of the hottest peppers for your pepper spray. The "heat" of pepper spray is measured in whats called "Scoville Heat units" The higher the hotter. A great product made for deterring Grizzly Bears from the Alaskan back country is one of the hottest on the market.

One effective strategy can be making your own homemade pepper spray out of Cayenne pepper powder, Ghost Pepper hot sauce, 357 Magnum Hot sauce available here Ashleyfoods  lemon juice, after mixing thoroughly
in a mixing bowl get the consistency thin enough to be shot through a small squirt gun, hand pump hi volume suirt guns for longer range.  

The Cons of pepper spray are 1st that you have to have pretty good aim and get the stuff in the enemy's eyes, and or face. Even if you miss the face it can still burn the skin, in this event you may be risking getting some on yourself during a scuffle with a home invader, mugger, or attacker. 2nd even if you get him in the face/eyes he may still be somewhat resistant to the pepper spray for a minute or longer, giving him time to advance his attack. In this case after spraying an attacker and while waiting for it to take effect a quick kick to the groin, eye gouge or throat punch will surely slow him down. Be creative and grab anything around you that could be used for a Self Defense weapon, with a little bit of improvising such as grabbing a baseball bat, tire iron, stick ,club, sharp object, keys, Kuboton ( 6" handheld stick fits on keychain) you would most likely be able to deter a would be attacker. Ladies use your fingernails, especially your thumbs for double eye gouge.

6. Police Baton, or Tonfa can be a most effective self defense mechanism used at close range.

 Why do you think Police carry these? Because they have been shown to trump  shorter range weapons such as knives ,shorter sticks or clubs and fists. The Police Baton has a handle and when it is swung out has an effective range depending on the length of the baton. The Tonfa as it is originally called has been used for hundreds of years by martial artists. Another advantage is that the Tonfa can be easily handled and used . Some training may be required for a beginner to understand the full effectiveness of the Tonfa and how to strike with precision, spinning handle moves, defensive blocks against a knife or club.  Honorable mention is the Straight Police Baton, which is mainly a stick 16-24 inches long. Make sure your has a small string of 550 cord at the bottom and looped around your wrist as a lanyard in case you lose your grip the baton will still be attached to your wrist. Retractable Batons are even better because of their concealment. Retractable Batons telescope inward containing the entire stick within 6-8 inches. These are easily hidden in a side pocket, boot, sock or leg holster, under the seat of your car, in your purse, Hidden strategically throughout your house.

7. Walking, Hiking sticks,Bo Staff, Broom Stick, Baseball Bats (Louisville Slugger)  have an effective range and can be easily accessed and used in close quarters combat situations.

 Stick Fighting or Escrima Sticks ( 2 shorter length sticks) can be traced back to the early years of Martial Arts Weapons Training, and can also be an effective striking self defense weapon.

8. Sword, Hatchet, or Axe, Machete.or any Zombie will do.

 Some may argue that a sword should be higher on the list, reason being that a sword takes some skill to be able to handle in close quarters combat. Although very effective for deterring a thief or intruder be sure to have some training or experience under your belt as so you'll know how to maneuver around in your house against an enemy.

 A good idea is to have a few swords innocently displayed on your living room wall, this will give you easy access if this area is close to your front or back door, depending on the layout of your house, bedroom walls also make excellent "display" areas. Common household items you can get from a local hardware store include hatchets and or an axe. These are smaller but can be concealed somewhat in close by areas.

 Get an axe sharpener as well to keep it nice and sharp at all times. Duct tape one under a coffee table, or desk hidden yet easily accessed in case of an emergency.

Yes the Zombie Hammers are real. They are 100% American made by Americans with American steel. Checkout their entire line of Zombie Self Defense Weapons
here. Check with your local and State Laws regarding these items, some may vary, do not use any of these items on anything living. 

9.Knife, Scissor, ice pick, or Tactical flashlight. Small but easily concealed , can be placed in various places hidden throughout your house away from children and pets, but close enough to grab really quick just in case. A folding knife can be easily concealed most anywhere and gives the advantage to the holder in a close quarters combat situation. If you are fighting a home intruder armed with a gun in a small hallway or closet he will most likely lose the fight due to maneuverability constraints. Checkout the article on using tactical flashlights here.
        Get your FREE Tactical Flashlight here

10. Martial Arts Self Defense Combat Fighting will be your last resort if you are unarmed . 2 fists, 2 elbows, 2 knees, 2 feet , 1 head butt, give you 9 human striking weapons.

 In a dangerous situation use extreme caution when attempting to defend yourself against a bigger stronger attacker. Most attackers are men who have 1 major weakness yes ladies the groin is the most painful area when struck can bring a 6'5 250 lb man to his knees!


A carefully aimed kick to the groin as in a "Front Kick" can be utilized in a very quick and effective fashion. Multiple strikes are usually more effective as a home intruder may be a desperate drug addict with intent on bodily harm.

 In this case attack the groin, gouge the eyes with the thumbs, punch the throat all soft tissue areas of the face and neck are highly vulnerable to punches, finger jabs. Check out this
Street Fighting Self Defense Techniques info package which is chock full of things you can do to bring down a bigger, stronger attacker. Learn the top 15 ways to end a fight fast.

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How to End a Fight Fast Free DVD
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