Free Tactical EDC Flashlight

Free Tactical EDC Flashlight (just cover shipping)
If there's one piece of EDC gear ("every day carry") that I get the most use out of - even more than my knife - it's my flashlight.

I mean, think about how often you need a light...

Walking to your car at night
Checking your engine for problems
Looking for small items in your toolbox
Spotting "critters" in and around your home
Looking in a dark basement or closet for "stuff"

And then there's the times you hope you NEVER need it for - but just might.

Like blinding some punks hovering around your car at the movies... shining it around your home when exploring a "bump in the night"... or the worst-case - engaging an attacker with a firearm in low-light conditions.

But just as with anything "tactical" you carry on you, not all flashlights are created equal.

I've always struggled with finding one that was small enough to carry every day, but powerful enough to light up the area like it's daytime.

You have the same problem?

Well, how would you like to test out one of the hottest new flashlights absolutely free?

This badboy super small, but packs a big punch with 3 lighting settings (including "tactical strobe" for engaging or disorienting an aggressor).

Plus, it has a "combat bevel" to it for close-quarters fighting and self defense if you're ever ambushed and need to fight with your flashlight (it happens!) Can also be used to catch a thief's DNA, sharp enough to cause some major damage to an attacker. 

I just took this light out camping for a week and I used it everyday. It was great to have a powerful beam of light to help me through the woods, find my tent and locate my gear, small enough to conceal in my pocket, lightweight so it doesn't slow you down. This video footage tests the J5 tactical light in the rain, underwater, dropped from a tree stand, and ran over with a truck! Not to mention field tested on a pump action shotgun at night!
But there's only a limited number available so get your free tactical EDC flashlight while they're available, ok?

I promise you'll get a TON of use out of this thing!

Yours in freedom & survival,

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