Food Shortage Survival Tips

Hi Fellow Prepper

Do you know what is the #1 item to stockpile?

Here’s why I ask…

We're in the middle of a global food crisis because of extreme drought, deadly disasters and stupid decisions by those boneheads in the government. (it’s almost as if Obama and his cronies in the UN secretly WANT this crisis to happen)

I’ve found 4 warning signs that show that a major food crisis is on our doorstep, and many experts agree that we are just 1 more “trigger” away from disaster. And when that happens, or God forbid you have to deal with another natural disaster, do you really want to rely on FEMA to feed you and your family?

That's why smart patriots have secured their own stockpile of survival food.

Listen, right now gold is over $1,250 an ounce.

But you can get true food independence with a little known secret that instantly saves you & your family from the coming food crisis for 98% less than an ounce of gold.

Which is the better investment? [HINT: you can't eat gold]

When the grocery store shelves are bare, you and your family will have plenty to eat. Your surplus food will literally be worth more than gold.

>> Click here to see the #1 item to hoard [VIDEO]

P.S. The way I see it you've got 2 options for handling the looming food crisis. You can take your chances with big government & FEMA when the food shortages start, or you can take your survival into your own hands. Now I prefer the second choice, and I know you will too. Click here for the #1 item to stockpile right now.

This valuable lifesaving information is vital to surviving a Food Crisis,Natural Disaster,or even A Terrorist Attack. We cant rely on the government  agencies to take care of us during a food crisis. Just look at what happened during the last few major Hurricanes: Katrina, and Sandy. FEMA was very slow and inadequate as far as supplying the necessary items to ensure the survival of those who were left without food, water, electricity, shelter and the basic needs of human beings.

Dont be scared , Get Prepared! Put aside a small amount of $ in your budget each month for Survival Goods. Including 72 hour kits, 3,6,12 months Supply of Food, Water, Medical,and Basic Survival Gear,  This would include Information and How To Guides and then as you  learn the ropes , use that little bit of $ each month to slowly build your Food Supply. There are certain items which are better than others, and specific strategies you can take to best prepare for a crisis.

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How to End a Fight Fast Free DVD
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