Hillary Clinton Wants Your Guns !

First they tried banning “assault rifles”. (That ban expired and opened up the floodgates on sales of AR’s and AK’s higher than ever!)

Then they tried to buy up all the ammo for “government purposes”. (That scared the stuff out of every gun-owner in America and spiked a run on rifle and ammo sales that gave gun manufacturers their best sales year ever!)

Finally the gun-grabbers tried to exploit a legal loophole to disarm patriotic American citizens by targeting "green tip" armor-piercing bullets... which secretly opend up a backdoor opportunity for them to extend their efforts toward certain "handguns" that have the ability to shoot 5.56 ammo.

Did it work?  Check this out...
Here's How To Beat Any Ammo Ban

The politicians know that their ability to ban guns of any kind is getting harder and harder... so they're getting sneakier and sneakier!

Their easiest target (as we've seen) is to look for "ammo loopholes" that will indirectly limit your ability to own and arm the arsenal of your choice.

Here’s How To Beat The Gun-Grabbers'Ammo Ban Targeting…

1. Speak up!

Your voice matters!  This big win we pulled off was because people spoke up in numbers that were too big to ignore.

Look, this is EXACTLY why you need to take matters into your own hands and voice your opinion to protect your 2nd Amendment rights.

2. Stock up now.

Most gun-owners don’t even know about these underhanded ammo-banning schemes.

So it will be a big surprise to most gun owners who will then storm the gun stores to swipe every last box of rifle ammo off the shelves.

But even then, eventually your practice ammo will run out and your supply will only be limited by what you can hoard right now.

Here’s an even better approach…

3. Become “ammo self-reliant”.

Ammunition manufacturers may end up getting their hands tied in the future.  But that doesn’t mean you have to roll over and starve your guns of ammo.

Anyone can manufacture your own ammo with just a few supplies and a little know-how.

The equipment is minimal and it will save you a ton of money right now and into the future (like 100’s, if not 1,000’s!)

The bottom line is that you don’t have to stand for some politician or alphabet federal agency telling you how much (or what type) of ammo you can own.

Take action now… and take control of your “ammo independence”!

Yours in freedom & survival,
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