4 of The The Weirdest Urban Survival Items You Must Have

I believe in being prepared for everything all the time. That includes alot more than just normal survival scenarios out in the woods. I am talking about in the city full on Urban Survival items here.
Every Prepper takes their survival gear very seriously.  Most everyone has their personal favorite bug-out gear for carrying with them for survival during disaster or civil unrest in our society.  But your survival in the City or Urban environment is  much more dependent being able to start a fire with two sticks or finding food, water or shelter.  As a matter of fact…

I’m talking about more serious things like protecting yourself and your family from:
  • Riots, Chaos
  • Thugs
  • Thieves
  • Looters
  • Massive Attacks
  • Hostage Situation
  • Gang Fights
  • And other dangers caused by lawlessness during a food shortage, power outage, water shortage.
maybe you think these items are overkill.  That’s fine.
But as the saying from my Army days: "Better to have it and not need it, than Need it and Not have it".

The survival mindset  says that you NEVER know when or where an attack is about to happen.Or in what form it will take shape.
Sept. 11 was an example of that.  And look at all the public protests that are going on these days?  It doesn’t take much for these demonstrations to get out of hand and turn violent in an instant!
So here are 3 of the “stranger” items most people don’t think about carrying, that would be a great idea to have on you at all times:
1-The number of uses for a pry-bar are endless.
The model I carry is the “Exhumer 8”  from Dead On Tools.
If you’re on the run or bugging out, you can use it for breaching obstacles, defending yourself while under attack, gaining entrance to a door or even getting out of a car.
If you wrap the grip in 550 parachute cord it becomes a beast of an Improvised self defense weapon as both ends are brutally sharp and will seriously mess someone up! 

Another great item is common at most hardware stores by Stanley "The Fubar" below. An advantage to this one is that it comes in different sizes and has a hole in the bottom to tie on a lanyard to go around your wrist so you can maintain your grip and not lose it. This model is 18" and weighs just 5 lbs. Of course the bigger the tool the more it weighs and the harder it is to conceal for protection.

As controversial as this may seem , you will want to be able to escape from handcuffs if you are unjustly contained by them.
There are plastic handcuff keys now that fit nearly all (or most) handcuffs universally and take up no room at all.
I use this cheap,concealable handcuff key that can be sewn into the inside of your pants just along the belt line, partially closed so it creates a nice + tight pocket to hide this key. Which will then be easily accessible even with your hands
behind your back.                                                                  
If you’re ever handcuffed behind your back (as in say a home invasion, kidnapping victim or hostage situation, you can easily get the key and unlock yourself.

The thing about looters and thugs is that they know that attacking a police officer is much more difficult than a soft target such as a normal citizen man or woman.
Now, I’m not saying to impersonate an officer, but let’s say you get trapped in a dangerous rioting situation as a result of a demonstration or protest that is going horribly wrong.
Assuming that police or security officers aren’t the target of the protesters, having a badge that looks like an officer’s badge could ward off attackers who think you’re just another easy target as they riot through the area.

Use the one with a holder as the the badges with pins will most likely fall off. Use with caution...

There’s a bunch of other stuff you should carry in your survival bag as well.
In fact, I actually carry 27 URBAN SURVIVAL RESPONSE ITEMS on me at all times!
These are all items you would use for Urban survival or during an “escape & evasion” scenario or Bug Out Plan where you were targeted or caught up in a violent attack, (such as in a riot or looting as a result of natural disaster, Economic Collapse etc.)
If you want to see some of these items AND how to use them to survive ANY scenario, then check out our website below.

Now you’d think that 27 survival items would make you look like you’re loaded up for a trip up Mt. Everest, right?
But actually, no one would ever know you’re carrying this stuff!
All of the items fit in a small survival bag (that’s only 8.5″ x 6.5″) that I keep on me, either in a laptop case that I’d normally carry anyway, on my person, or in my “everyday bag” from my military days.
It’s literally almost like having a Batman Utility Belt on you at all times!
You can decide whats best for you, but I’d personally feel doomed without these Urban survival items.  The confidence you’ll have that you’re prepared for anything is a real comfort in today’s world.
Again, you can check out all of strategies we use for dealing with “social chaos" in the Urban environment.
get all the advantages of owning these items plus life saving information

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How to End a Fight Fast Free DVD
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