Tacfit Commando Body Weight Training for Survival

How far will you go to protect your loved ones when the challenge arises?
How far can you carry a bug out bag on your back that weighs 45 lbs ?
Do you have the strength to fend off looters in an economic collapse where there are thugs and punks trying to get your preps?

 Ok so you have your food and water supply stocked up, security in place, bug out bags ready to go, maybe even a nice shelter, some guns and some ammo....
   At some point you will have to rely on your strength to either fight or flee.
 How long has it been since you had a really good workout?
   Enter "Tacfit Commando" A Top end Strength Training system put together by some of the worlds toughest soldiers, for soldiers....
  Prepared by Scott Sonnon this program is being used by top Military Soldiers, Navy Seals, Marines and U.S. Army commanders even Israeli counter terrorism school hand to hand combat division.
  Scott knows his stuff click here
to get all the info needed for strength training using only your body weight. Train the way a soldier must train, quickly, efficiently, with virtually zero equipment , anywhere any time, to get the job done and protect your family from harm.   
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How to End a Fight Fast Free DVD

How to End a Fight Fast Free DVD
How To Protect Yourself and Your Family

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