1 Easy Way To Protect Your Identity From Thieves

I freakin' hate this...

I'm traveling right now in Florida to see my parents and when I was on the plane, I kept catching the guy next to me trying to catch what I was doing.

I don't care if he's just curious or what, but it's none of his business what I'm doing on my computer.

Of course, I have a screen protector that goes over my screen so no one can see from the sides.

You can never be too careful, you know?

I learned the hard way a long time ago that people will try to watch what you do on your computer... phone... ATM machine... etc. to get your personal info and use it to steal from you.

Somehow someone got my credit card info and all of a sudden I was getting charges for Pizza Hut, a TV from Walmart, gasoline, and other items before I caught it.

And it's even worse with today's technology.

Apparently thieves can now steal your credit card info just by placing a computer near your card.

And it doesn't even matter if your card’s in your wallet, or purse - they can STILL get your info.


All they have to do is bump their computer against your wallet or purse and BAM, your identity is stolen.

Worse yet is this is happening to thousands of Americans.

And it could happen to you.

Imagine what you would do if someone got YOU info.

They could rob you of everything you’ve worked so hard for in seconds.

The good news is it’s easy to protect your information withan RFRD "protector".

  they basically keep your info in your wallet where it belongs.

Don't take this kind of security lightly.

I'm sure you've heard of horror stories of people getting their personal information stolen and the nightmare it takes to get all those charges taken off.

Yours in survival,
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