Crossbow vs. Body Armor

The Scorpyd Crossbow is the worlds most powerful and fastest type of bow on the market today. No other Compound or crossbow can match the Scorpyd for power and speed. (As of 2015)
Here is a test as to how it may or may not be able to penetrate a ceramic plate in a body armor vest.

  Very helpful information for anyone armed with a crossbow during a civil unrest or riot attempting to protect yourself , your home, family or prevent looters from destroying your business. 

A Scorpyd reverse draw crossbow is a formidable weapon of choice for any home or urban defense from rooftops or a horizontal plane i.e a window from an upper story home protecting your front, back yard.

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How to End a Fight Fast Free DVD

How to End a Fight Fast Free DVD
How To Protect Yourself and Your Family

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